Brewhow Product Reviews

Perhaps one of the driving forces behind creating this business, besides the step by step video guidance is also our intention to provide the opportunity for our guests to get to know the product before or after the purchase. Thus, the Brewhow Product Reviews!


The Product Reviews focus on pointing out why the products made it to our master list, how they work and how to maintain them.

Product reviews are complimentary with membership. Don’t worry, we have more important things to do them fill your inbox with our daily coffee dreams and inspirations. You can limit how often we send you information in the sign up process.

Check out our calendar for a schedule of items being reviewed. If you see something in our inventory that you just have to learn about, send us an email and we will push it to the front of the lineup. (Calendar subject to change based on guest requests).

1:5 Intro To Brewhows: What Is A Brewhow?