Our Guest Experience Goals

Milk and Coffee has a two fold goal;  to help you curate a great home or work place coffee bar and give you the support and instruction to have a deliciously brewed coffee through our Brewhow Video & Support Series.

The world of e-commerce is as vast as the open ocean. Unique to our competitors support system, our product knowledge begins long before the purchase and is easily accessible afterward. From the food world to the DIY home projects, consistent support exist for almost any thing you could ever choose to create, why not coffee and why not your home coffee bar?

We have helped restaurants, offices and many home kitchens find the best brew system for their morning routine and assisted our guests through our Brewhow video support series, phone conversations and live chats to get the entire process producing wonderful, repeatable cups of coffee.

Let’s brew together!

The Sisters

We are two sisters who find joy in bringing  people together.

Milk & Coffee  is an expression of our individual passions brought together and shared with you.

a little about Sarah

Sarah brings twenty years of experience in the specialty coffee industry. As a longtime coffee education trainer and industry leader working with some of the world’s most recognized coffee brands, she has the experience, brewing talent, and knowledge to educate you in every aspect of specialty coffee.

During her career, Sarah has built relationships with an incredible network worldwide of people. Sarah has worked with top brands such as La Marzocco and Baratza. Sarah was a finalist in the Northwest Regional Barista Competition, has judge for the United States Barista Competition, and held a council seat for the Barista Guild of America.  You can read more about Sarah here sarah.coffee


a little about Mary

Mary balances out her big sister’s skills out perfectly.  Her passion for organization and knack with number crunching make her Sarah’s perfect opposite.  She’s also incredibly talented with all things crafty and is the artist behind all the chalk and letter art.

Mary has worked a decade in high touch customer support and sales for various companies.  She’s worked on the retail and wholesale sides of the counter, learning distribution, production and the intricacies of project planning.

“Mary’s as excited about organization and planning as I am about brewing and learning.  We complete each others thoughts, play off the same dry humor and rarely disagree. Mary helps me keep my promises both professionally and personally… I couldn’t do this without her.”  Sarah Quotes.